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The Andorra Cabin

The Andorra Cabin

The Andorra
Log Cabin Specification

Base measures: 3.2m x 2.4m
Log Measures: 3.4m x 2.6m
Ridge Height: 2.49m
Wall Height: 2.05m
Area: 7.4m²
28mm Thick Log
Top Hinge Windows
Double Glazed

Felt Shingles Included
Felt Shingles

Hexagon felt shingles are a self-adhesive, strong and durable roofing material, unlike traditional roofing felt these are a high end long-lasting solution. They are applied in 900mm strips and fastened in place with a heavy duty staples. It creates an attractive honeycomb, hexagon effect. This is then finished with a rectangular ridge tile protecting the ridge of your building.

Felt Shingles
Optional Extras
Extra Double Window
Extra Double Window

In most cases we can fit an extra double window in a solid wall, there are some limitations where we need full logs above the window or a certain span to fit it in, but generally your building can be opened up to a large amount of extra light.

Extra Window
Floor Insulation

To ensure your cabin is cosy in the winter and cool in the summer you have the option to insulate the roof and floor. The floors are insulated with a 25mm foil backed foam board, these are held up against the bottom of the floor boards with a 19x38mm batten. This also creates a void which allows air to circulate keeping the floorboards ventilated and dry. It is then capped either end with a 20x70mm treated board.

Floor Insulation
Factory Dipped Treatment

Our cabins come in untreated, but we now have the availability of having the cabin dipped in a treatment beforehand. The cabin is submerged in a tank of wood preservative to ensure protection against blue stain, wood destroying fungi, insects and prepares the timber for painting. Shown in the pictures is the brown treatment which can be done, however we suggest the white treatment this gives a very slight white hue to the timber and does not dramatically change the colour of the building, retaining the wood effect.

Roof Insulation

To ensure your cabin is cosy in the winter and cool in the summer you have the option to insulate the roof and floor. The roof is insulated with a 25mm foil backed solid foam board which sits inside a framework of a 25x50mm pressure treated batten. It is then covered by a 12mm ply board. The shingles are then fixed on top of this, this makes the roof a finished thickness of 56mm providing a water tight and thick barrier from the cold and beaming sun.

Roof Insulation
Base Preparation

Although the cabin comes with treated bearers these will still need a solid base to sit on, we recommend a concrete pad, however in certain situations we understand that this is not possible so therefore decking or a decking sub-frame can be used. This is fine as long as the below rules are followed.
Bases must:

  • Have a tolerance of no more than 5mm over the whole building span.
  • Be flat, level & square.
  • There should be no run-off, unlike a patio or driveway the base must be completely flat.
  • The base must be the exact size of the base of the cabin; if you are unsure, we are more than happy to help.

Westree Company offer a full base preparation and cabin installation service.
Please contact us for details.

Product Information
Nordic Spruce
Wood type: Nordic spruce
Metal Door Sill
Low door sill, covered with stainless steel
Laminated Door Frame
Laminated door frame
Treated Foundation Joists
Treated foundation joists
Logs with chalet-cut (better protection against wind and rain)
Tongue & Groove
Roof & floor boards with tongue & groove
Cylinder Lock
Cylinder lock
Real Glass
Real glass
Fixing Kit
Fixing Kit
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